In about 2017, when FITTED had already made its mark with the hand crafted dress shirts in Pakistan, and one of the pioneers of providing three different fits to serve a wide range of customer base, there was immense demand from our audience for a similar offering in POLO shirts.
This is when FITTED Team decided to make the POLO shirts in Pakistan. Having been already in the garments business it seemed easy and very doable. However to team’s surprise the reality was very different. The knitwear industry of Pakistan was lagging way behind its foreign counterparts, the machinery, the ingredients the expertise were lacking and thus constructing a high grade polo shirt and selling it online in Pakistan at economical price turned out to be a big challenge.
Committed to its aim, the team spend day and night researching and sourcing high quality ingredients and working with experts for almost over an year. It was not until August 2018 that the team finally decided to launch limited edition POLO shirts in only 5 basic colors – White, Black, Blue, Green and Gray.
The response to the POLO shirts was absolutely amazing and the entire stock ran out in less than a week. Not taking anything for granted, the team gathered as much feedback as possible, to improve POLO shirts for the next production cycle and soon FITTED became the leading manufacturer of POLO shirts in Pakistan.
The constant improvement continued and few years later after immense hardwork and dedication FITTED team launched stretchable POLO shirts in Pakistan in Cotton + lycra material which again became an instant hit with the audience.


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